December 07, 2013

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Hello Glamouristas! This week-end on Glamourissime, we share a capsule about the  Chalk Paint.

It’s a water-based paint that can be applied directly to most surfaces without sanding or priming.

Chalk Paints allows us to transform old furniture, floors or cute decorative treasures in a few strokes.

And yes, it basically covers almost every materials: wood, plastic, stone, brick, concrete or metal!!  

The best part about this is that we don't even need a big quantity to make an easy and quick make-over.



Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

For us, the "crush story" started in October at the opening of the Piorra House store in Montreal.

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

A pleasant meeting with Annie Sloan, a confirmed expert in decorative painting.

We’re talking about 40 years of experience, 23 books on different application techniques, in short we've met a veteran.

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

It's in a relaxed atmosphere that we saw the paint-guru in action. Armed with her stylish glasses,

a brush and a cloth she casually takes us on a friendly adventure where everything is possible.

Can you believe that it even dyes fabric? How amazing is that!

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Glamourissime tested this "super-paint" for you! 

Ready? Set...Paint

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Ocus Pocus and there it is: the Old White shade covers perfectly my two pieces. It suits the little stool like a glove.

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

I'm pretty happy with the results. I decide to apply a coat of Country Grey to see what happens.

After all, I'm following the advice of Annie Sloan: "let the furniture talk to you".

So I'm letting my stool and my mirror talk. Mirror, Mirror who is the fairest of them all?

I feel so artistic all of a sudden. Let's age this mirror. Yes it spoke to me!

A little bit of waxing, sanding and one last touch of wax.

And Tadaaaaammm!

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Not bad!

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Feel free to visit Annie Sloan website  for more info.

See you soon!


Chalk Paint creator: Annie Sloan

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Research: Lina Tamadinda

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