January 20, 2015


Winter is in full swing in Montreal, snow, ice, cold wind, all the conditions are met for a cold day.
Yet when Glamourissime came across this Japanese artist named Makoto,
not to be confused with the politician Maka Kotto from Québec, the word ice took a much more pleasant twist.

Makoto Azuma is a talented artist whose unconventional artistic expression allows a new reading of flowers.
He showcases sixteen floral arrangements where leaves, petals and stems are frozen in thick layers of ice.
A colorful experience that gradually fade as the block of ice melt;
revealing the life cycle of a flower bouquet embedded in the ice.

Together discover the Ice Flowers exhibition.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. by Jonathan Swift

See you soon! Stay tuned for a small discovery of a bahamian artist in the next Art Glam!

Artist: Azuma Makoto

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Research: Lina Tamadinda

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